600 x 800 x 10 mm | SBR rubber granulate


A separating layer is often placed over the building materials to protect sensitive substrates from mechanical damage. The highly compressed, flexible material of the Terrasoft universal mat offers reliable protection against stitches and cuts and adapts to the local conditions. An insulating seal is created, which can be walked on immediately and withstand high loads.
As a single element, it shows its universal application possibilities, such as in load securing or as a stability in workshops or garages. For long-term use, the mats can be glued to the substrate at certain points.

  • Item no.: 103510131
  • Drainage on the underside of the panel
  • and slip-resistant
  • barrier-free usable
  • Not oil resistant
  • impermeable
  • resistant to acids and alkalis
  • scratch, tear and shock resistant
  • 200 pieces per pallet
  • adapts to uneven surfaces
  • insulating effect
  • easy to keep clean
  • shock absorbing

The Terrasoft universal mat is used both in workshops and in load securing. It also serves as a stabilizer and for vibration damping, such as under washing machines or large electrical appliances. It is used as temporary insulation in small animal husbandry. Application area: Outdoor.