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Family business with tradition

For almost 30 years now, Conradi+Kaiser have been a market player for rubber molded parts and have not only become the leader in design but also established ourselves as one of the world market leaders in this business sector. Our corporate image stands for a high standard of quality and resource conservation within the meaning of life-cycle management in harmony with satisfied members of staff.

In addition to our own production of raw material, we have built up, for several years already, a reputation as a manufacturer of innovative playground equipment as well as high-quality pieces of furniture made of stainless steel and, as such, set the standards in the design of private and public outdoor areas.

At the Kleinmaischeid plant, around 140 members of staff manufacture our products with a high level of skills and competences. Their passion is the basis for our sustainable progress. This is the reason why we bank on consistently good training of our junior employees. As a consequence, it is no surprise that some of them have started their training at Conradi+Kaiser in the second or even third generation.

Thanks to their numerous own areas of production, such as vulcanisation, flooring system production, toolmaking/steelwork, rubber granulating etc., Conradi+Kaiser are able to translate all their own design approaches into reality and to turn them – with the appropriate marketing support – into series ready to sell.


Hochwertiges Edelstahl verarbeitet im Stahlbau von Conradi+Kaiser

Our products live – we live with our products! As one of the few stainless steel manufacturers in Germany, Conradi+Kaiser make high-end playground equipment, urban furniture and design-oriented pieces of furniture for private outdoor areas.


The perfect material – it should be bendable and fl exible, permanently resilient, elastic, water-repellent and available in any shape. It can be adjusted to all requirements such as low wear, resistance, UV resistance or longevity, and last but not least, the material should also be harmless to health.

What we do

All our entrepreneurial activities are focused on one goal: to manufacture exceptionally good products with exceptionally good materials. We have ideas, we develop them further, build our tools and wait excitedly for the fi rst prototype. Impressed by this, we go one step further and select the perfect raw material to go into production. Longterm relationships with our suppliers guarantee us the highest quality, reliability and delivery reliability. This is especially important, as all our products comply with strict European regulations.

Product development, construction, tooling, final product manufacturing and quality control are all carried out at the Kleinmaischeid site in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here, on more than 30,000 m², the individual company divisions are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and production prerequisites. Against this background, we are constantly developing our resource management further and optimising manufacturing processes to ensure the safety of our products, and to operate an ecologically sensible MADE IN GERMANY production in the spirit of the Kreislauf-Wirtschaftsgesetz (Waste Management and Recycling Law). Our products are the foundation of our success and will continue to shape the direction of the company in the future.

30 years quality and passion 30 years creativity and variety 30 years Conradi & Kaiser

Our Employees

Gummigranulat zu Sitzen für Kinderspielplätzen verarbeitet

Even when choosing our employees, we never lose sight of our goals. In addition to young people who will fi nd excellent conditions for a sound training at Conradi + Kaiser, we also create long-term prospects for a successful career. Performance-based pay, additional safeguards, for example in the event of illness, are part of the self-image of medium-sized entrepreneurs and contribute to sustainable growth and a stable development of the company. You will feel this passion in all our products.

Our products

Gummiformteile sowie Gummi-Metallverbindungen in der Produktion in nachhaltiger Art und Weise

Our products are the foundation of our success and will continue to shape the direction of the company in the future. In the best design language, new developments made by Conradi+Kaiser make everyday life easier. Numerous patent applications protect our designs worldwide, and offer our distributors the best possible sales success. With partners all over the world, Conradi + Kaiser forms a competent network that is supplemented by various business associations and links to European organizations and politicians.

Our variety

Klettergerüst aus Edelstahl mit Netzen

Playground Equipment for all ages

Bodensystem aus Gummigranulat

Floor systems made of rubber granule


Outdoor Design Elements

Patents & Trade Mark Rights

Unsere Produkte verfügen über Patente und Schutzrechte

Almost all our products are subject to international trade mark rights. Thanks to over 100 protected variants, our customers can profit from a unique structure by offering unique products in each individual country. In concrete terms, this means absolute reliability in cooperation and security against replicas and plagiarism. Especially our innovative inventions like the lawn-grating system are protected by a European patent.

Made in Germany

Verarbeitung von Gummigranulat zu verschiedenen Produkten

Products by Conradi+Kaiser can be found worldwide. They are used to absorb impacts of falling children on playgrounds around the world, in Abu Dhabi high-class sport horses train on floors made by Conradi+Kaiser, our vases embellish the entrance halls of large hotels in the metropolises around the world, exceptional seating furniture adds sparkle to homes and gardens.

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