Terrasoft®-slab | 30

The Terrasoft Slab with a thickness of 30 mm made of pure rubber granulate (1-3.5 mm) is bound and coated with polyurethane. This coating is laid on existing solid substrates and thus achieves subsequently an insulating floor fixing. Existing concrete surfaces are quickly and easily renovated with the Terrasoft Slab 30. In addition, the slab is sound-absorbing. This is especially important on terraces and balconies, as well as their anti-slip properties. A sure-footed walkability is accompanied by orthopaedic advantages for areas that require, among other things, shock absorption (drop height 1.00 m). You can benefit in addition from the currently most extensive overall program on the market: around the Terrasoft Slab 30 numerous edge and corner profiles are available.


  • minimisation of risk of injuries and breakages
  • Non-slip even in wet conditions
  • permeable to water / fast-drying
  • low maintenance, barrier-free usable


The Terrasoft 30 Slab is available in numerous colours and finds its use among other things as a outdoor seat covering, swimming pool border, fall protection covering under play equipment and much more. When using as a fall protection covering, please observe the maintenance instructions. For a surcharge, the coating is also available with an EPDM surface (see p.18/19) coating.