Terrasoft-Platte-400 x400 x30_Anwendung

Terrasoft®-Slab | 400 x 400 x 30

The Terrasoft Slab 400 x 400 x 30 made of pure rubber granules (1-3,5 mm) is bound and coated with polyurethane and is impressive with its numerous advantages and application possibilities. It has an insulating effect and is slightly shock-absorbing, which brings a particular advantage in terms of floor coverings on terraces, compared to conventional concrete floor coverings. The Slabs are non-slip and, due to the slightly resilient material, very gentle on the joints. Also available in 25 mm thickness.


  • small format
  • superfast installation via cross connectors (patented system)
  • permeable to water / fast-drying
  • low maintenance
  • simple laying
  • barrier-free usable


The Terrasoft Slab 400 x 400 x 30 is suitable for new installations as well as for renovations or for the covering of existing surfaces. Their areas of application are terraces, balconies, pool surrounds, etc. The Slab is also used popularly used on campsites pathways.