160 x 200 x 43 mm | SBR rubber granulate


The form-fitting Terrasoft Double-T-Bricks are easy to lay offset and to be fixed to the substrate. They are made of pure rubber granules (1-3.5 mm), bound and encased with polyurethane and guarantee a permanently homogeneous surface appearance. The individual bricks dovetail when laying, so that a stable area anchoring is created within the combination. The Terrasoft Double-T is sound-absorbing and has a slightly resilient walkability.

  • Item no.: 201543xx1
  • permeable to water / fast drying
  • Non-slip even in wet conditions
  • barrier-free usage
  • for outdoor use
  • 30 sqm per pallet
  • visually attractive installation pattern
  • very positive connection
  • Beginners and half bricks for quick and easy installation
  • light springy walkability
  • soundproof
  • low maintenance

Terrasoft Double-T is available in three different colors and is used outdoors, among other things for paving pathways. As a higher-density paving, it is used for streetball and basketball facilities, on playing fields or in animal husbandry. Especially entrance areas of houses or company entrances can be upgraded quickly and easily with Terrasoft Double-T. The T-shaped stone matches many architectural styles.