Terrasoft®-Slab | 40 permable

The Terrasoft Slab with a thickness of 40 mm from pure rubber granules (1-3.5 mm) is bound and coated with polyurethane and is impressive with its numerous advantages. It is very easy to lay and impressive with its high permeability of liquids. In particular, ammonia-containing liquids seep through the slab very quickly. Boxes with the very permeable slabs do not have to be covered with straw, as the liquids are led directly to underneath of the slab. This prevents the formation of waterlogging and bacteria formation.

In addition to an insulating effect, the Terrasoft Slab 40 offers numerous orthopaedic benefits: The soft material cushions easily and the point loading on the hooves and joints of the animals is reduced.


  • very permeable
  • the slabs do not need straw bedding
  • can be rapidly laid
  • available also as more highly compacted


The permeable Terrasoft Slab 40 is laid in wash boxes.


In order to maintain the water permeability, no litter should be spread on the surface.