500 x 20 x 120 mm | SBR rubber granulate


The perfect wall finish on terraces and balconies can be achieved with the Terrasoft skirting. The 12 cm high element made of pure rubber granules (1-3.5 mm, linear 2-5 mm) is bound with polyurethane and protects walls near the ground from splash water. Even minor scrapes with feet or garden chairs reflect off the soft material, leaving no marks or quirks.
In contrast to conventional solutions made of plaster, wood or steel, the Terrasoft has a much greater thickness (20 mm) and, mounted on the last layer of the floor covering, serves as a retainer – an additional stabilisation of the covering.

  • Item no.: 251030xx3
  • permeable
  • 360 pieces per pallet
  • low maintenance
  • easy application
  • insulating effect
  • protection for walls and inclines

Terrasoft skirtings are screwed onto walls or higher steps as a border finish. They serve as an outer finishing for terrace and balcony coverings. For outdoor use.