1000 x 120 x 120 mm | SBR rubber granulate


Damage to tyres, rims, bumpers or side skirts of vehicles arise in particular through traffic control systems again and again. In multi-storey car parks, underground garages or in parking lots, conventional curbs made of concrete are used to regulate the traffic flow. These curbs can be retrofitted with the Terrasoft Edge Guard to avoid the above-mentioned damage to motor vehicles. The innovative element consists of rubber granulate and is simply placed on the already installed elements and point-glued. Alternatively, it can be screwed on. To spare tires and rims, the material gives way slightly, but remains stable when in contact with the vehicles.

  • Item no.: 405330131
  • made of highly compressed SBR rubber granulate
  • colour: black
  • robust
  • clean edge finish
  • easy to retrofit to existing traffic control systems
  • rapid and simple installation
  • material gives slightly, but remains stable when in contact with the vehicle
  • no scratches on vehicles
  • no wear of house corners or in driveway areas

The Terrasoft Edge Guard is used in garages, multi-storey car parks as well as underground garages. Here it can be retrospectively fitted to existing traffic control systems. It also protects vehicles from scratches and damage in the case of wall projections or edge boundaries on private or commercial properties.