1000 x 120 x 25 mm | SBR rubber granulate


Scratches, scratches on the paint or small chippings on car doors are often caused by impacts with walls. The Terrasoft Ram Guard is perfect for preventing damage by opening doors. It is mounted in a line on garage walls to form a shock absorbing impact surface. Of course, several elements can be mounted above and next to each other.
The Terrasoft Ram Guard is made of high quality rubber granules bound and coated with polyurethane. The material is ideal for use around the car, because it absorbs light bumps and avoids damage to paint, tyres and rims. Gentle contact with the car is not taken amiss, and it remains dimensionally stable.

  • Item no.: 405310131
  • made of highly compressed SBR rubber granulate
  • colour: black
  • robust
  • slightly cushioning material
  • safe protection from scratches and paint damage caused by hitting the car doors against walls
  • simply screw to existing walls
  • material gives slightly, but remains stable when in contact with the vehicle
  • no wear and tear of walls

The Terrasoft Ram Guard is used in garages, multi-storey car parks as well as underground garages. Attached to walls or crash barriers, it ensures protection against damage to paintwork on vehicles.