1000 x 400 140 mm | SBR rubber granulate


Terrasoft corner covering – large – are good for the subsequent covering of sandboxes, wall projections and other demarcations. The shapely elements are bound and encased with polyurethane, and are characterized by a trouble-free installation. They are glued to solid surfaces.
The pleasant material is warm and soft both in summer and winter. Sharp edges, for example of conventional concrete edging, are permanently covered. This protects people from injury due to hard and sharp edges.

  • Item no.: 25550xx1
  • Item no.: 255500xx2 (large covering – corner)
  • Composite effect due to system plug with dowel function
  • Corner element for transitions without complex miter cut
  • 100 pieces per pallet
  • high positional protection through plug-in connectors
  • insulating effect
  • subsequent covering of sharp edges
  • child-friendly colouring

The Terrasoft corner covering – large – is ideal for covering walls and wall projections as well as areas that involve the risk of injury from concrete elements in exterior areas.