Terrasoft® Covering for post anchors

The Terrasoft Covering for post anchors is a cuff of pure rubber granules and is bound and coated with polyurethane. It is used to retrofit flooring sections with post shoes. It can also be used as a cuff around general floor mountings.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • perfect cleanliness around posts of playground equipment
  • avoiding weed growth
  • permanent foundation coverage


Terrasoft Post Shoes are placed around the posts of playground equipment and point-glued. Before gluing, the substrate should be cleaned. Make sure that the adhesive surfaces are free of oil, grease and other residues, e.g. paint, rubber abrasion particles, etc. Glue the Covering for post anchors onto the prepared surface.
When used on playgrounds, the following maintenance intervals must be observed:

Operational inspection: check for wear or damage at quarterly intervals, check the element for wear, replace if necessary.
Main inspection: annual intensive inspection