220 x 160 x 795 mm | Softvulcanized rubber and steel


The world premiere from Conradi+Kaiser: the new Terrasoft seesaw softener convinces with a 2-phase absorption that outshines all previously available systems in terms of impact absorption. An outer ring made of soft vulcanized rubber slows down the first serve of the seesaw. High stability is achieved by the second yielding inner ring. This also ensures an absolutely unique playing experience, as the two rings gently slow down the seesaw and then slightly spring back.
The unique system is just one of many patent applications and outstanding new developments that once again underline the quality standards of the industry in general and of Conradi + Kaiser in particular.

  • Item no.: 451611131
  • unique 2-phase absorption
  • Cushioning the impact at the seesaw end
  • Preventing erosion of the upper soil

The Terrasoft seesaw softener of course complies with the strict guidelines of DIN EN 1176/77 for public playgrounds. A mounting pipe provides the necessary stability in the concrete foundation and ensures a long service life. Due to the overall length of 795 mm, the seesaw softener can be installed on any surface.
Extra: the top of the seesaw softener can be easily replaced without intensive foundation work.