Doppelter Dämpfer

Terrasoft® Seesaw softener

Utterly soft – utterly sturdy: the new Terrasoft seesaw softener. A layer of vulcanised rubber is attached to a support of galvanized steel. The cavity in the interior of the seesaw softener causes the impact of seesaws to be absorbed particularly softly. This makes it much easier to seesaw and the topsoil is also spared.

The Terrasoft seesaw softener complies with the strict guidelines of DIN EN 1176/77 and can be used in public playgrounds. A mounting pipe provides the necessary stability in the concrete foundation and ensures a long service life. Due to the overall length of 800 mm, the seesaw softener can be installed on any surface.


  • Cushioning the impact on the seesaw end
  • simple installation
  • low maintenance
  • It prevents erosion with the upper soil


The Terrasoft seesaw softener is installed under seesaws according to the installation instructions opposite.