Seat valis rotus

with back rest | 620 x 620 x 280 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
without back rest | 620 x 620 x 150 mm | EPDM rubber granulate


The valis rotus seating element made of high-quality EPDM granules brings more colour into the design of your open spaces. Especially on playgrounds, the colourful seating and play elements are particularly popular. By combining the elements, they result in either cheerful, snake-shaped figures or circles with a corresponding diameter. There are no limits to the planning imagination!
An extensive range, such as the tunnel crypta or the mountain mons allow infinite design freedom. The slip-resistant and permanently soft surface invites you to play and linger.

  • Art.-Nr.: 352328yy1 (with back rest)
  • Art.-Nr.: 352315yy1 (without back rest)
  • easy and quick installation
  • for outdoor areas
  • low maintenance
  • robust
  • high design value
  • best price-performance ratio
  • attractive seating furniture
  • play element
  • for children from 1 year on

Simply ingenious – ingeniously simple! The play and seating elements are unique design elements for the outdoor area. Colourful playscapes can be created in nursery schools or inner-city areas.