Mountain mons

Ø 1350 x 500 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 2300 x 500 mm | EPDM rubber granulate


Climb, slide, climb, slide – and then start all over again. Admittedly, it is not so good to slide on the surface of the mountain mons, but the fun is all the greater when climbing. The mountain is a challenge for smaller children. They develop their body awareness by seeking a foothold on the surface, learn to balance themselves and are proud when they have climbed the mountain. On the way down, the anti-slip surface slows things down a bit.
The mountain mons is available in two sizes and four colours. Made of high-quality EPDM granules, it brings lots of fun!

  • Art.-Nr.: 352313yy1 (Ø 1350)
  • Art.-Nr.: 352370yy1 (Ø 2300)
  • easy and quick installation
  • for outdoor areas
  • 4 colours
  • very stable
  • low maintenance
  • robust
  • high design value
  • best price-performance ratio
  • for children from 1 year on
  • large-volume play and climbing element

Simply ingenious – ingeniously simple! The play and seating elements are unique design elements for the
outdoor area. Colourful playscapes can be created in nursery schools or inner-city areas.