Terrasoft® Rubber granulate coating

Sometimes areas are relaid and new applications made in the planning process. For example, outside seating areas can become playgrounds or parking spaces created from pathways. The concrete edging often remains, but a renovation of the elements is necessary.

With the help of the Terrasoft covering for path bordering, existing borders can be upgraded quickly and easily. The coatings made of pure rubber granulate cover up unsightly curbs at the same time providing a soft surface.
The Terrasoft rubber granulate coating is also available individually and in two sizes – suitable for standard path bordering


  • optically fitting edge termination to the Terrasoft Floor
  • and Paving Stone systems
  • a simple retrofitting of existing path borderings
  • highly resilient
  • protects tyres and rims


In gardens, the smoothed-out coating makes the shift between terraces and beds or lawns, while providing a smooth transition instead of a hard edge. In parking lots or public roads, the Terrasoft cover for path bordering protects tyres and rims – both of cars and bicycles.