1150 x 150 x 400 mm | SBR rubber granulate


This shapely design feature offers a high degree of creative freedom due to its dimensions and diverse applications. Terrasoft Chain Elements 1000 are made from pure rubber granules and are bound and coated with polyurethane. The material is very robust and has a pleasantly soft and warm surface – regardless of season. The elements interlock positively and due to their weight are very dimensionally stable.

  • Item no.: 254600xx1
  • dimensionally stable
  • impermeable
  • floor anchor optional (Item no.: 254600992)
  • for outdoor use
  • 30 pieces per pallet
  • very dimensionally stable
  • high creative freedom
  • Minimisation of damage risk
  • attractive price / performance ratio
  • quick installation on solid and loose surfaces

Terrasoft Chain Elements 1000 are suitable as a sandbox enclosure, play-ground enclosure or traffic guidance system. The flexible element is also a popular edging element in the construction of riding arenas. In particular, in addition to the tracks on the outer lanes, there is safety for horse and rider – even light contacts with the horse’s hooves are not taken amiss.