Terrasoft® Boundary post

Traffic bollards are installed to prevent or limit driving on or parking on pavements, cycle paths or pedestrian precincts. In contrast to the classic city bollards made of metal or concrete, the Terrasoft boundary post is not only a unique eye-catcher, it also takes minor impacts, for example by car, in its stride. The material is soft in the surface but still very stable inside.

Rubber granulate is therefore ideal for use in traffic control, among other things. The Terrasoft boundary post is quickly installed and available in four attractive colours. Depending on the requirements, a chain fastening and/or a reflector band can be supplied.


  • easy installation
  • low maintenance
  • robust


The Terrasoft boundary post is an ideal element for driveways and path borders due to the flexible rubber granules and is often used as a city bollard. It is also used on playing fields or schoolyards, for example to prevent vehicles passing through or to separate individual areas. If several bollards are connected with a stainless steel chain, attractive parking spaces for employees are created, for example, or for separations between garage entrances.