Our foundation: the family.
The story behind the picture.


At the beginning of the 1980s, when racing driver Karl Henseler was cutting his tyre treads for motorbikes in his garage, an idea germinated: to recycle the cutting scraps and feed them into a new product. The elasticity and resistance of the tyres, which provided low-noise grip not only in racing but all over the world, would surely find new uses when broken down into their original material. Henseler was right.

The friends Udo Conradi and Gerhard Kaiser developed this idea further and laid the foundation for our current production by bonding rubber granulate and pressing it together at the same time. The first Conradi+Kaiser “rubber slab” was born. Even today, all our entrepreneurial activities are based on the ideas of our founders and the possibilities offered by the raw material rubber granulate.

In those days




Gerhard Kaiser
Pioneer and company founder

In June 1987, Gerhard Kaiser and Udo Conradi, who had previously worked for large German companies, fulfil their long-cherished vision of their own independence. They move into a suitable building in Kleinmaischeid and buy a form. Very soon, the young entrepreneurs concentrate on the municipal outdoor sector.
Gerhard Kaiser, already known at that time for numerous inventions and patents, laid the foundation for success together with his partners Udo Conradi, who left the company in 1993, and Karl Henseler. Gerhard Kaiser died in 1998 and his son Klaus took over the management.

Klaus Kaiser
Design leader and innovator

The innovative strength shaped by Gerhard Kaiser and Udo Conradi successfully continues with Klaus Kaiser, who joined his father’s company in 1988. Initially as an all-rounder, he passed through all areas of the company in the early days of Conradi+Kaiser, from production and loading to sales and accounting.

Until 1993, when Klaus Kaiser’s time dawned. When a major customer disappeared from one day to the next, the creative head went new ways, found customers worldwide and successively expanded the product portfolio and thus also the business areas.
After Gerhard Kaiser’s early death in 1998, Klaus Kaiser leads the company with creative prudence to become one of the world market leaders in the field of moulded rubber parts.

Little by little, he expands production and administration areas. Where other companies rely on outsourcing, he successfully integrates toolmaking, steel construction and even a marketing department in order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to the demands of the market. In 2006, he was awarded the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” for this. Unfortunately, he passed away much too early in 2019, but Klaus Kaiser’s creative power and wealth of ideas continue to shape the company and its employees to this day.

Philipp Seuser
Modern and sustainable

Since 2019, Philipp Seuser has been responsible for the management of Conradi+Kaiser in the third generation, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle. The young entrepreneur has recognised the signs of the times and is increasingly focusing on digitalisation and automation, optimised process control and the sustainable orientation of the company.

Personal service, trust, honesty and respectful interaction are basic principles that have endured since the founding days. Philipp Seuser continues the pioneering spirit and innovative strength of his uncle and grandfather in partnership with customers and employees.