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Rubber disposal & recycling

As we all know, the extraction of raw materials is a business that ends at some point. A sensible and effective circular economy is therefore the only way to prevent the increasing shortage of raw materials worldwide. Conradi+Kaiser has long been registered as a certified waste management company and thus closes the economic cycle in a special way.

The waste we dispose of, such as cuttings from rubber production or end-of-life tyres, flows directly into our products and thus comes to life again – as a fall protection plate, large-volume vase or joint-friendly underlay in animal husbandry.

We are aware of our responsibility towards society and are proud to contribute to the sustainable use of rubber as a resource with our products.

Rubber accumulates everywhere – and so does rubber waste. In order to prevent the environmentally harmful incineration of rubber waste, we are a strong partner in its disposal.

We process rubber granulates from used tyres. We attach great importance to the origin of our raw material – to ensure the highest European standards.