We walk through fire
for our customers


Increased day care services as well as prolonged periods of bad weather require indoor play and leisure facilities. At the same time, the current regulations regarding fall protection must be applied.


In order to meet the increased requirements for fire protection, Conradi+Kaiser has developed a method for glazing the products that achieves the fire protection properties required for interior use.

That is why

Good to know:
The following tables provide an overview of the relevant standards and classifications.


Fire behaviour

Classification: DIN EN 13501-1
Fire behaviour E/Efl

“Normally flammable”
Test procedure: DIN EN ISO 11925-2
Europ. Class
Classification: DIN EN 13501-1
Fire behaviour Bfl-s1

no smoke development,
no burning droplets/particles
Test procedure DIN EN ISO 9239-1:2010 and
DIN EN ISO 11925-2, Europ. Class

The standards on which the test reports are based can be found in the following table:
Allocation of the building authority designations of building materials to the national classifications
according to DIN 4102-1 and European classifications according to DIN EN 13501-1

Areas of application

Shock-absorbing, slip-resistant floors are indispensable, especially in rehabilitation clinics, to relieve the strain on joints after operations. Conradi+Kaiser products with fire protection can be used to make walkways barrier-free.

Indoor playgrounds are very popular so that children can live out their urge to move even in the colder months of the year. Conradi+Kaiser offers fall protection systems for indoor areas to provide the best possible protection for these gigantic playgrounds. Tested according to all standards, of course.

The holiday begins at the airport. Keeping the little passengers occupied is also part of the entertaining stay in the airport building. Play areas are often provided for this purpose, which, equipped with fall protection systems from Conradi+Kaiser, contribute to the holiday feeling. On pathways, highly compacted products made of rubber granulate are used as a sound-absorbing alternative to classic floor coverings.

Where many people come together, high demands are placed on the flooring. Conradi+Kaiser offers a variety of flooring systems for indoor and outdoor areas that withstand high loads.

Wet areas around swimming pools and pools are often slippery. Floor systems from Conradi+Kaiser have good permeability due to their porous basic structure. The drainage on the underside of the slabs ensures that water drains away quickly and prevents waterlogging on the surfaces. For safe and slip-resistant swimming pool borders and path surfaces in wet areas.

When wheeled suitcases rumble over concrete, the noise level at railway stations increases even more. Floor coverings from Conradi+Kaiser dampen this background noise and also provide slip-resistant foot traffic.

In front of lifts or ski huts, as well as in winter sports areas where many people are present, the floor is particularly stressed and snow is quickly worn away. Floor systems made of rubber granulate are ski-protecting coverings that are also easy to walk on with ski boots and provide light sound insulation. This is a great advantage especially in hotel ski cellars.

Slip-resistant walkability – an important factor, especially in old people’s homes, to ensure the safety of the residents. Rubber granulate floor coverings are a slip-resistant alternative to conventional floor coverings and are popular in entrance areas.