240 x 40 x 1290 mm | SBR rubber granulate


With box walls made of rubber, you are investing in the future: virtually indestructible and easy to clean, they are still visually and functionally impeccable, even after many years. The big plus: no elaborate care work is necessary. Simply spray with the high pressure cleaner, and it’s clean! Time-consuming painting of the elements is eliminated.
Kicks against boxes or concrete walls are not only very loud, they can be very dangerous for the sensitive joints of animals. The Terrasoft wall protection absorbs the bumps and easily springs back when the horses kick them with force. This minimises the risk of injury – even if horses begin to do it in the horse box.
The elements consist of pure rubber granules (1-3,5 mm, linear 2-5 mm) and are bound together and encase with polyurethane.

  • Item no.: 259041131
  • very robust
  • impermeable
  • insulation against cold
  • easy to clean and, if necessary, to paint
  • easy installation
  • permanent, high-quality appearance of boxes and stable walkways

The Terrasoft wall protection is mainly used in horse boxes, but can also be used to protect walls in workshops or similar.