Terrasoft® Toddler’s swing seat

The Terrasoft Toddler’s Swing Seat with the funny face reminds of a frog jumping happily across the meadow. The integrated backrest gives toddlers a safe feeling while swinging.
Airy and secure, children float through the air with the Terrasoft Toddler’s Swing Seat without backrest. The are kept safe with rope from Hercules.

Both swing seats are made of high quality soft rubber, a steel core provides the necessary stability. Children over 1 year can swing on these seats and make their first swing and balance experiences.


  • certified according to DIN EN 1176
  • suitable for toddlers
  • seat and back in soft vulcanized rubber


The Terrasoft Swing Seats are attached to existing swings. They come with a standard chain length of 2.10 m. When used on playgrounds, the following maintenance intervals must be observed:

Operational inspection: Check for wear or damage at quarterly intervals, check chain suspensions and swing seat, replace if necessary.

Main inspection: annual intensive inspection