1000 x 150 x 70 | SBR rubber granulate


The Terrasoft Resilient Curb is perfect for cladding inside or outside traffic areas because of its flexible material. The large-volume element made of pure rubber granulate is the ideal alternative to curbs made of concrete and can even be retrofitted on existing surfaces if required. When tyre contact is made, the vehicle is gently braked. As the Terrasoft Resilient Curb is firmly anchored to the ground, it always stays in place and ensures lasting protection.
This product can also be used as a stop wedge or chock. For this purpose, the Terrasoft Resilient Curb is screwed or selectively glued to the substrate at the desired distance, thus enabling a safe approach to walls.

  • Item no.: 405340131
  • Screwing to existing curbs or edgings
  • made of highly compressed SBR rubber granulate
  • easy and quick installation, also on existing curbs
  • can also be installed in curves
  • flexible traffic control system

In garages or multi-storey car parks as well as underground garages, the Terrasoft Resilient Curb safely guides vehicles through entrances and exits. There it offers protection against damage to rims and tyres. As a starting threshold, it can be used on all parking areas.