405 g (290 ml)/Cartridge | black

Hybrid adhesive for joint bonding
Free of solvent, isocyanate and silicone. almost odourless. Very good, mostly primerless adhesion on almost all, even damp, substrates. After curing permanently elastic. Fresh and seawater resistant.

  • Item no.: 452500132
  • All waterproofing and permanent bonding: on smooth and porous surfaces, inside and outside, even in damp rooms and on damp surfaces. Hybrid adhesive and sealant is used for bonding and sealing all common building materials

The surfaces must be clean, dust and grease-free. Press out the cartridge with a hand or compressed air pistol.
As a seal: apply evenly. The smoothing, if necessary, must be done with a soap solution before a skin has had time to form. Clean tools with turpentine (crystal oil) immediately after use. Further information on product safety and handling can be found in our safety data sheet.
Application temperature: > +5 °C