Ø 260 x 95 mm | Softvulcanized rubber


The Terrasoft Pendulum Seat is versatile due to its sophisticated suspension and the large diameter of the seat plate. It has been tested according to DIN EN 1176 and thus meets the strict playground standard.
Supplied with: Pendulum seat made of soft rubber
In addition, you will need: Swing chains according to Section 4.2.13; EN 1176-1 with mounting thread M8 washers DIN 433 / 8,4 / St (A2). Only self-locking nuts M8 DIN 985/8 / St (A2) may be used for mounting! If the pendulum seat is made of VA chains, VA screws and VA nuts must also be used. Galvanized bolts and nuts on steel chains.

  • Item no.: 402600xx2
  • certified according to DIN EN 1176
  • warm and soft surface – all year round
  • attractive colour choices

The Terrasoft pendulum seats can be hung on cable cars or swing carousels, for example. Static prerequisites and requirements for the load on the seats must be checked in advance by the operator.
When used on playgrounds, the maintenance intervals alongside must be observed.