Ø 250 x 400 mm | SBR rubber granulate
Ø 250 x 600 mm | SBR rubber granulate
Ø 250 x 800 mm | SBR rubber granulate
Ø 250 x 1000 mm | SBR rubber granulate


In the 1970s, the triumphant advance of the palisades began: since then they have often been used in landscaping to retain embankments or smaller slopes. Terrasoft palisades made of pure rubber granules are the perfect alternative to conventional solutions made of weather-prone wood or heavy concrete. The shapely elements are bound and encased with polyurethane, and are characterized by a trouble-free installation.
The moulded groove as well as the integrated ground anchor ensure a high stability. In addition to good slope protection, the material offers a pleasant seating surface. Four different thicknesses allow installation in almost all circumstances.

  • Item no.: 254040yy1 (height: 400 mm)
  • Item no.: 254060yy1 (height: 600 mm)
  • Item no.: 254080yy1 (height: 800 mm)
  • Item no.: 254010yy1 (height: 1000 mm)
  • weather resistant
  • impermeable
  • for outdoor use
  • 40 pieces per pallet (height: 400 mm)
  • 35 pieces per pallet (height: 600 mm)
  • 32 pieces per pallet (height: 800 mm)
  • 20 pieces per pallet (height: 1000 mm)
  • integrated floor anchor for high stability
  • good slope retention
  • positive connection by integrated groove
  • very stable

Slope protection and edging for playing and sports surfaces are the areas of application of the Terrasoft Palisades. In addition, they are often used for spectator areas on sports and equestrian facilities.