1000 x 250 x 110 | SBR rubber granulate


Driving into curbs often causes damage to tyres or rims. Defects on the running gear or the suspension are the unpleasant consequence. The Terrasoft kerbstone ramp makes it easier to drive onto curbs, forming a smooth transition between road and curb. In contrast to improvised solutions made of wood or concrete, the kerbstone ramp made of rubber granules with a variety of grades has numerous advantages: it can be removed temporarily, for example when cleaning the street mechanically, or in the winter months when snowploughs are on the roads. Since the ramps are very light this is quite easy. The integrated drainage allows fast drainage of dirty water. The material is very robust and withstands the permanent load caused by the weight of the car.
Note: Permanent use in public is at your own risk.

  • Item no.: 405211131
  • barrier-free
  • power saving
  • gentle on tires
  • trip protection because of flattened edges
  • easy to install: simply lay – ready
  • frost proof
  • no weeds anymore: volunteer proof
  • additional drainage: adjusts unevenesses on the floor

The Terrasoft kerbstone ramp is used wherever a seamless, barrier-free transition from one level to another is necessary. On the one hand, this is the transition from road to curbs, for example at yard and garage entrances. On the other hand, it is the perfect aid for strollers, rollators or wheelchairs when overcoming stumbling blocks up to 12 cm. On construction sites or company premises, where daily hand trucks are used, the Terrasoft kerbstone ramp facilitates the daily work.