New rubber with metal core


Walls in equestrian facilities are heavily stressed: Horse hooves kick against partitions or the concrete, which increases the risk of injury to the horses. The horsebox wall element have a sound-insulating surface, which also absorbs light impacts, so that walls and horse joints are permanently protected. Kicking against the box walls stops after a short time, as the important acoustic effect for horses is missing.
For the Terrasoft horsebox wall element, a metal core is coated with new rubber. This forms the basis for the box systems. They offer high stability and are easy to clean. The element is simply inserted into existing box systems – a quick and easy upgrade of stables.

  • Item no.: 259042131
  • impermeable
  • insulation against cold
  • high stability
  • easy to clean and, if necessary, to paint
  • easy installation
  • permanent, high-quality appearance of boxes and stable walkways

Box partitions made of wood need to be looked after regularly and look unsightly after a few years. The Terrasoft horsebox wall elements are durable and give stables a durable high-quality appearance. They are designed for a long life in riding facilities and horse boxes.