1000 x 50 x 250 mm | SBR rubber granulate


Terrasoft path bordering made of pure rubber granulate are versatile surrounds for gardens, lawns and flower beds. As a special highlight, the path borders have an attractive top layer of high-quality EPDM granules. This provides numerous design options, especially in the field of playgrounds, surfaces or beds, which are popularly colourfully bordered. Various materials such as lawn, topsoil or gravel can be kept wonderfully separated – the garden is easier to maintain. The Terrasoft path borderings are flexible and can be made into different shapes, so that in addition to the border of terraces and individually designed fields, individuality can be realised in flower beds.

  • Item no.: 252000xx1
  • slip resistant even in wet conditions
  • Floor anchor optionally available (Item no.: 252000902)
  • For high stability as well as the design of radii also available with steel insert (Item no.: 2520001×4)
  • permeable
  • positive connection by means of Terrasoft system connector
  • for outdoor use
  • 100 pieces per pallet
  • optically fitting edge termination to the Terrasoft Floor
    and Paving Stone systems
  • easy installation
  • flexible use
  • non-slip transition

Path bordering provides flexible verges for playing fields and running tracks in the sports and leisure facilities sector. In addition, they are used in the design of driveways, parking lots or paths in the outside areas of houses.