Ø 750 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 500 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 400 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 300 mm | EPDM rubber granulate


The globe symbolizes dynamics – it is usually always on the move, never stopping. The Terrasoft globes made of EPDM rubber granulate just lie around, and nevertheless look good. The six different colours of high-quality EPDM rubber granules bring colour and fun to any surface. The surfaces are utterly durable. Used in groups, the globes give large areas an overall design edge by using them with a specific aim. Outside areas of kindergartens are as much like an impressive feature as inner-city areas or private gardens in which the globe is both a seating object and a design feature.

  • Item no.: 353375yy1 (Ø 750 mm)
  • Item no.: 353350yy1 (Ø 500 mm)
  • Item no.: 353340yy1 (Ø 400 mm)
  • Item no.: 353330yyy1 (Ø 300 mm)
  • With floor anchor: Item no.: 2565001xx
  • low maintenance
  • robust
  • for outdoor use
  • high dead weight
  • certified according to DIN EN 1176
  • for children from 1 year
  • Globe Ø 500 mm: 5 pieces per pallet
  • Quick and easy installation
  • extraordinary design feature
  • attractive seating
  • Play element

Whether in gardens or urban areas – the globe is versatile and makes a good impression everywhere. Purposefully used, it can be seating and balancing course at the same time.