Ø 750 x 375 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 500 x 250 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 400 x 200 mm | EPDM rubber granulate
Ø 300 x 150 mm | EPDM rubber granulate


Even as a half globe, the design feature is an absolute eye-catcher! The Terrasoft half globes made of pure rubber granulate in three high-quality colours impressively set the stage for design, and make a great addition to the Terrasoft globes. The half globes with their soft surface can be used as seating or a balancing course. The elements are extremely stable and durable. For an additional charge, the surface is also available with an EPDM coating.

  • Item no.: 353375yy2 (Ø 750 mm)
  • Item no.: 353350yy2 (Ø 500 mm)
  • Item no.: 353340yy2 (Ø 400 mm)
  • Item no.: 353330yyy2 (Ø 300 mm)
  • With floor anchor: Item no.: 256500109
  • low maintenance
  • robust
  • for outdoor use
  • high dead weight
  • Half globe Ø 500 mm: 16 pieces per pallet
  • Quick and easy installation
  • attractive colour range
  • Attractive seating
  • Play element

Half globes with ground anchors can be concreted into a prepared foundation with the help of the ground anchors and thus are permanently fixed.