1000 x 300 x 50 mm | SBR rubber granulate


Existing components are enhanced by the Terrasoft edge covers. You will experience a visual enhancement and an additional benefit in the form of seating area. The Terrasoft Edge Cover consists of pure rubber granules and is bound and coated with polyurethane. In addition to the insulating properties of the edging, the covering is heavy and has a high positional security. The height of 50 mm also compensates for minor unevenness caused, for example, by the natural aging process of walls and wall projections.

  • Item no.: 256000xx1
  • weather-resistant
  • very easy to keep clean
  • 100 pieces per pallet
  • fast and easy renovation of wall endings
  • high positional security due to its own dead weight
  • insulating effect
  • very stable

The Terrasoft edge covering also serves as an outdoor wall protection cover in the environment of playground equipment as well as edge protection e.g. at sand boxes.