565 x 500 x 23 mm | SBR rubber granulate
565 x 500 x 43 mm | SBR rubber granulate


The large-format elements of the Terrasoft Double T-Slabs interlock positively and are a good alternative to repairing or replacing damaged floors. They are made of pure rubber granules (1-3.5 mm), bound and encased with polyurethane and guarantee a permanently homogeneous surface appearance. They have a high bonding effect. With a thickness of 43 mm, the slabs can be combined with the double-T paving and the corresponding complementary bricks.

  • Item no.: 203023xx1 (height: 23 mm)
  • Item no.: 203043xx1 (height: 43 mm)
  • permeable
  • Non-slip even in wet conditions
  • barrier-free usage
  • for outdoor use
  • 180 pieces per pallet (Item no.: 203023xx1)
  • 180 pieces per pallet (Item no.: 203043xx1)
  • visually attractive installation pattern
  • form-fitting connection
  • easy to clean
  • sound-deadening

To renovate damaged paved surfaces, the Terrasoft Double T-Slab is often used. Here it impresses with its quick and easy installation. Another place of use are livestock pathways, such as stable lanes. Here, the Double T-Slab offers a non-slip and resilient surface, which particularly benefits the sensitive joints of large animals. For outdoor use.