208 x 208 x 22 mm | plastic

In order to ensure a permanent connection between the slabs when laying in a cross-gap, and to avoid a shifting of the slabs between them, we recommend the use of the cross connector for Terrasoft Resilient Slabs 400 x 400 x 30. They are mainly used in Playpoint bases and patio systems. Slabs can be laid with the cross connector in both cross and staggered. Furthermore, with the slabs in the format 630 x 315 x 40 mm with the cross connector, an L-shaped laying variant can be realised.
The high level of competence of our company is reflected in the Terrasoft cross connectors – from solution-oriented product development to mould construction and patent pending products, you get everything from one source.

  • Item no.: 451508001
  • Bonding effect on the plate base
  • positive, free-moving laying of the Terrasoft floor systems
  • permanent connection element

The Terrasoft cross connectors are mounted below the slabs in the corresponding recess and glued at points.