1000 x 60/80 x 295 mm | Concrete with SBR rubber granulate


Concrete path borderings with a coating of pure rubber granulate offer a high quality design alternative to conventional borders of concrete. At the same time, they combine the advantages of both systems: the compacted rubber granules are non-slip and form a colour-coordinated finish to the Terrasoft Floor Systems. Due to their conventional processing especially popular with gardeners and landscapers.
The installation on porous substrates takes place on a concrete foundation.

  • Item no.: 252000xx6
  • very robust
  • 24 pieces per pallet
  • optically fitting edge termination to the Terrasoft Floor
  • conventional installation
  • highly resilient
  • protects tyres and rims

Especially in car parks, the path bordering with rubber granulate coating is popularly used because of a very stable surface installation for concrete blocks, and furthermore a tyre and rim-saving solution is guaranteed. The Terrasoft concrete path bordering is used especially for the separation of surfaces that take a high traffic load, or a stable border.