355 x 300 x 70 mm | Softvulcanized rubber


The Terrasoft Combi Seat is made of colourful soft rubber and can be mounted as a stable, permanently installed seat. The surface of the seat is always soft and warm. The steel insert ensures high stability.

  • Item no.: 403000xx2
  • In addition, you will need: Mounting material
  • comfortable, ergonomically shaped seat
  • avoidance of injuries by wood chips etc.
  • cold protection

Especially on seesaws, with spring elements or as a seat for toddler playing equipment, the Combi comes with the combination seat and ensures comfortable and safe positions. Static prerequisites and requirements for the load on the seats must be checked in advance by the operator.
When used on playgrounds, the following maintenance intervals must be observed:
Operational inspection: check for wear or damage at quarterly intervals, check chain mounting and combi seat for wear, replace if necessary. Tighten bolts.
Main inspection: annual intensive inspection