1000 x 300 x 150 mm | SBR rubber granulate


With the Terrasoft block steps made of pure rubber granules, things are going to new heights: stairs are built from the high-volume element. The uniform surface of the Terrasoft block step gives a particularly impressive image with distinguished staircases. In addition to the even look, the block steps impress with their sound-insulating effect. This is especially important for staircases in residential areas. The anti-slip surface ensures extra safety so that sure-footedness is guaranteed even in wet conditions. The material is slightly porous, which prevents waterlogging from occurring.
The block steps can be installed on all substrates. It is recommended that they be glued to firm substrates.

  • Item no.: 251500xx1
  • integrated ground anchor for high stability
  • permeable
  • positive connection by means of Terrasoft system connector
  • for outdoor use
  • Extensive accessories:
    Corner element, Item no.: 251500xx2
    Radius element, Item no.: 251500xx3
  • 30 pieces per pallet
  • non-slip even in wet conditions
  • easy installation
  • sound-deadening
  • uniform appearance

Block steps can be used as enclosures as well as for staircases. Due to their non-slip surface, they are attractive design features, especially in nursing homes, hospitals and institutions for the disabled. They are also popular in the design of sandboxes.