1500 x 1000 x 18 mm | Solid rubber


Boxes with a gradient provide the potential to install a gutter on a sidewall. An anti-slip, impervious flooring is perfect for this application: Urine and other fluids run over the surface and are led directly out of the box. So, no unpleasant odours.
The Terrasoft stable mat is the innovative floor covering made of durable rubber and relieves the hoof and ankle joints of livestock. It is consistently soft all year round and withstands heavy loads. The animals suffer less from respiratory diseases, because, thanks to the soft flooring, less litter is needed. The air quality in stables improves sustainably.

  • Item no.: 301118131
  • anti-slip even in wet conditions
  • non-permeable
  • frost proof
  • shatterproof
  • barrier-free usage
  • not oil-resistant
  • 45 sqm per pallet
  • Less respiratory disease by reducing litter
  • Highly resilient
  • Machine passable
  • slightly soundproofing
  • easy to maintain

The Terrasoft stable mat 18 is used both in stables and in veterinary clinics. In horse boxes, it provides a stable floor for the animals. Operators of veterinary clinics appreciate the excellent hygienic properties of the stable mat.