Ø 550 x 500 mm | SBR rubber granulate


The Terrasoft plant pot, ollaris, made of pure rubber granulate impresses with a simple design and a high-quality, UV-resistant colour scheme. From rich red to shiny metallic silvergrey, you can choose from four different colours – for the greatest possible design freedom. The narrow stainless steel ring at the bottom enhances the plant pot even further.
Throughout the year, the plant pot can be kept outdoors. The insulating effect of the rubber granules protects plants during the winter months. Dirt can be quickly and easily removed with a commercially available neutral cleaner. There is a recess at the bottom pf the pot to prevent waterlogging.

  • Item no.: 353100xx1
  • UV resistant
  • including inner pot and decoration ring
  • decoration ring at the base
  • 4 pieces per pallet
  • very design-oriented, simple design language
  • large-volume, impressive design feature
  • weather resistant
  • insulating: the plants are also protected in the winter months
  • decoration ring at the base
  • shatterproof: Rubber granulate adapts to the weather

In front of doorways, on terraces or pathways through gardens – the ollaris vase is an eye-catcher!