Ø 775 x 520 mm | SBR rubber granulate


The vase, gratus, presents itself bulky and expansive, making it an absolute eye-catcher. gratus is a large volume vase of coloured rubber granulate and impresses with maximum stability. The positive properties of rubber granules for outdoor use can also be found in this vase: when cold, the material contracts, but does not break like commercial ceramic or terracotta pots. Plants benefit from a natural layer of rubber during the colder months, and the colours of the plant pots remain stable. Arrangements of filigree flowers or intricately designed plant compositions look exceptionally well in the vase. The narrow stainless steel ring in the upper third gives the overall appearance a noble look. Available in four different colours.

  • Item no.: 353900xx1
  • UV resistant
  • weather proof
  • including inner pot
  • including stainless steel decorative ring
  • large-volume, impressive design feature
  • theft-proof: high dead weight
  • insulating: the plants are also protected in the winter months
  • Stainless steel decorative ring on the upper third of the vase
  • shatterproof: Rubber granulate adapts to the weather

Public spaces, pedestrian zones, hotel gardens or private gardens – the plant pot gratus is impressive in all areas of application.