250 x 250 x 25 mm | SBR rubber granulate

A practical supplement is the Terrasoft spacer. It ensures a uniform gap between terrace slabs and thus creates a visually appealing surface appearance. It is suitable for all floor coverings such as tiles, concrete or granite slabs. Since the joint distance is specified, tiles or plates are laid quickly.
The spacer is made of pure rubber granules and represents an absolutely attractive alternative to conventional joint spacing systems. The contact surface per slab and spacer is about 12 cm, which allows a high stability in the surface design.

  • Item no.: 109025131
  • permeable
  • Drainage on the bottom
  • frost-resistant substructure
  • uniform joint spacing
  • can be used for numerous types of laying
  • shock absorbing pad for patio slabs
  • Supplementary product for concrete or granite slabs
  • easy laying

The Terrasoft spacer is simply placed under the selected patio systems and provides a frost-resistant surface with even gap spacing.