400 x 400 x 45 mm | SBR rubber granulate


The Terrasoft Puzzle with a thickness of 45 mm made of pure rubber granulate (1-3.5 mm, linear 2-5 mm) is bound and encased with polyurethane and combines safety with child-friendly design. The positive connection leads to a high level of security. The material offers a high level of walking comfort and numerous orthopaedic benefits, such as joint protection.
Benefit, in addition, from the currently most extensive overall program on the market: the four border elements of the Terrasoft program that fit the puzzle can be integrally combined into the area laying plan.

  • Item no.: 151545xx1 (Modul 1)
  • Item no.: 151545xx2 (Modul 2)
  • Item no.: 151545xx3 (Modul 3)
  • Item no.: 151545xx4 (Modul 4)
  • Item no.: 151545xx5 (Modul 5)
  • permeable to water
  • non-slip even in wet conditions
  • barrier-free usable
  • for outdoor use
  • Drainage on the bottom of the slab
  • 120 pieces per pallet
  • Minimum purchase: 30 pieces per color & module
  • extended joint-runs for high structural securing
  • child-friendly design
  • attractive surface image

The Terrasoft Puzzle is available in a variety of colours and is used in exterior areas and, among other things, as a open-air seat coverings or in recreational areas that require creative surface design.