Ø 500 x 1000 mm | SBR rubber granulate
Ø 500 x 750 mm | SBR rubber granulate
Ø 500 x 500 mm | SBR rubber granulate


This Terrasoft vase skilfully stages the interior as well as the exterior as a space-creating element. From matt red to metallically brilliant silvergrey, it is available in four different colours and in heights 1000 mm, 750 mm and 500 mm. The different heights can be combined with each other and are highlights in the outdoor area, both individually and in groups. Plant arrangements with that certain something look particularly impressive in the vase cylindrus with height of 750 mm. Its straight shape makes the plants look their best. The positive characteristics of the vases made of rubber granulate are not only the insulating effect, but also their high weight and resistance to breakage – because of frost as well as due to minor contact with vehicles.

  • Item no.: 353400xx1
  • Item no.: 353400xx3
  • Item no.: 353400xx4
  • UV resistant
  • including inner pot
  • Stainless steel base optional
  • 4 pieces per pallet
  • unique design object
  • stylish
  • weather proof
  • frost proof
  • theft-proof: high dead weight
  • insulating: the plants are also protected in the winter months
  • shatterproof: Rubber granulate adapts to the weather

With the Terrasoft cylindrus vase, you can design high-quality garden and outdoor areas, such as hotel entrances.