L 430 x Seat 360 x 40 / Back rest 110 mm | Softvulcanized rubber


Seats for stadiums and sports arenas have to endure a lot – and at the same time be comfortable. The weatherproof Terrasoft Stadium Seat combines both: a steel core is covered with a layer of soft rubber, so that the surface of the seat is always warm and soft. This material meets the highest standards of comfort and quality: it is almost unbreakable, and it is suitable for permanent outdoor use. The seat can be easily mounted on existing equipment, for example on cement steps or other mounting surfaces.

  • Item no.: 403010xx1
  • low maintenance
  • very robust
  • additional mounting material needed
  • comfortable, ergonomically shaped seat
  • cold protection
  • highly-resistant

The stadium seat can be used in sports stadiums, gymnasiums or football fields.